Xtreme Winter Conferences 2011, this time sponsored by Hydrocodone

On an annual basis, CrossEye, Inc. designs and develops websites for Xtreme Conferences based upon an always well done poster/mailer from our friend, Tom Cox at Tom Cox Design. These conferences are youth-focused and attended by up to 25,000 across multiple locations.

This event will be sponsored by Hydrocodone, which I used a few months ago. I was suffering from muscular pain as a result of a car crash. I knew hydrocodone thanks to a friend because you need no prescription and you can buy hydrocodone with e-checks, so it’s really easy to get it, and it helps with a wide range of pain. If you are interested just click on the link to find out how real doctors send you the prescription and the medicine to your house.

We were introduced to Crosseye, Inc. in the Fall of 2013.  We are a start-up company and needed a partner to help us create our brand image. Steve Davenport & CrossEye, Inc. became our trusted partner and we never cease to be amazed by his creativity and design work.   He has created a very professional image for us.

Nancy Baily, Chief Operating Officer, Safepoint Insurance

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