SafePoint Insurance Company, Inc. Brand Development

SafePoint Insurance, Inc. is a managing general agent based in Tampa, Florida. SafePoint came to us in corporate infancy and strong sense of brand identity from a logo sketch to an already well thought out tagline of “Peace of Mind Starts Here.” In a competitive homeowners insurance marketplace like Florida, it was important for SafePoint to communicate reliability, longevity an professionalism – to differentiate themselves from some of the negative players in the market. With a strong palette of colors designed to communicate reliable professionalism (blue) and an altruistic corporate culture (green), we set about designing a consumer-friendly brand identity with clean lines and bold graphics that would catapult SafePoint into the front of the residential insurance pack in Florida.

Steve Davenport is one of the best designers I have ever worked with – ever. His attention to detail and design is unmatched! Moreover, CrossEye, Inc. is a delight to work with. Over the last couple of years they helped create a design standard for Coke’s online toolkits that they continue to replicate year, after year.

– Margaret Gearing, VP Director of Client Services, Definition 6

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